Encouraging Healthy Behaviors

Caring Child Therapy in Orem, Spanish Fork & South Jordan

When to Send Your Child to Therapy

If you child has been exhibiting abnormal behaviors compared to how they usually behave, it may be time to have a talk. Maybe your child experienced recent trauma and that is what is causing the unusual behavior. But if you cannot find a reason for the sudden shift, it may be time to call for professional help.

We Believe Therapy Is a Collaborative Effort

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How We Can Help Your Child

Sometimes, children don’t want to open up to their parents about what they’re going through. A professional at The Center for Couples & Families knows how to work with children. We use different techniques and tools to work with children than we would with an adult. However, it’s always about establishing trust.

What Disorders We Can Help With

Children can have anxiety just like any adult can as well. They may go through trauma or abuse at home or at school. Children experience grief and loss or chronic illness. They may even need help to adjust after a divorce. We know how to handle these types of situations and help your child feel healthy and whole again.

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Is Your Child Struggling?

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