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Families We Work With

Family dynamics vary from group to group. The Center for Couples & Families works with blended families, military families, and all other kinds of families. It doesn’t matter what your issue is or who it’s with, we care about creating a cohesive environment where everyone feels heard and like it’s safe to share.

We Provide Practical and Relatable Solutions

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Issues We Tackle Together

Are you experiencing trouble with parenting? Do you have an adopted child who wants to know more about their birth parents? Is your teen constantly getting into trouble and exhibiting disruptive behaviors? Our therapists are trained to handle these types of issues and work with you to come up with creative solutions.

Solutions We Discover With You

Our goal is not to tell you what to do but to discover solutions with you. We listen to your problems, ensure that everyone gets a turn to speak, and then discuss techniques to tackle whatever issue your family is experiencing. Each family is different, so your solutions are tethered to your personal situation.

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