Recovery Is Achievable

Pornography Addiction Help in Orem, Spanish Fork & South Jordan

Realizing You Have a Problem

Are you constantly thinking about, or acting out through sex and pornography? Are those thoughts or behaviors all-consuming so much that you can’t finish your work or interact with your family as you used to? Have you been unable to stop thinking and behaving in these ways? You may have a porn to sex problem. The good news is that help is available. Coming to the conclusion you need help is an amazing step in the right direction.

We Strive to Be an Asset to Our Community

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Requesting Professional Help

The Center for Couples & Families is a judgment-free zone. Everyone has trauma and struggles, and we are prepared to help all those that come to us for assistance. All you need to do is give us a call or start a live chat, and we can help you schedule an appointment. Overcoming addiction can be scary, but you have professional help on your side.

Overcoming Addiction Together

We use evidence-based approaches to provide the most effective treatments to pornography addictions. Treatment starts with an assessment where we determine the extent and source of the problem. If you have a family, they may be involved. Or, we may ask you to participate in couples therapy. Finally, we work together to start and continue treatment.

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