Achieving Unity

Effective Couples Therapy in Orem, Spanish Fork & South Jordan

How to Know You Need Counseling

Some couples come to The Center for Couples & Families before marriage. Others come to us when they are on the brink of divorce. No matter when you choose to come to therapy, we are here to help you. We have experience providing support postpartum, during pregnancy, and to new parents. We also help with infidelity or infertility.

Our Therapists Create a Welcoming Environment

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How to Be Successful in Counseling

When you come to counseling, we make goals together of what you want to achieve in therapy. Our goal is often to improve communication, strengthen the relationship, and gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner. If you decide to start therapy, it’s important to take it seriously and to put effort into making positive changes.

How to Make the Most of Counseling

While therapy with a counselor is a great place to practice the techniques you have learned, it’s also important to practice those skills outside of therapy with your partner. The goal is to eventually not need a therapist to guide you through an argument or discussion. We want you to achieve unity with your partner without us in the room.

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