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Couples Therapist: Brendan Ewell, LMFTI

By Lauren Adkins / August 26, 2021 /

Meet Brendan Ewell, therapist at the Center for Couples and Families.   Brendan Ewell is a Utah native currently residing in Pleasant Grove. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University and has also completed a Master’s in Human Resources from Utah State University. Brendan is currently completing his Master’s in Marriage…

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3 Principles of Emotional Health – Use With Counseling

By Utah Therapy / August 23, 2021 /

Whether you are in counseling or not, if you want to deal with emotions in a healthy manner, then start with the following principles about emotional health. These steps are a good companion to couples therapy. These are assumptions that underlie steps in Emotions 101. You can use these principles as you participate in counseling…

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Couples Therapist: RaeAnn Teichert, MS

By Lauren Adkins / August 22, 2021 /

Meet RaeAnn Teichert, therapist at the Center for Couples and Families.   RaeAnn H. Teichert is a couples therapist in Orem. She received her bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham Young University – Idaho and her master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. During…

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Depression Counseling

By Utah Therapy / August 20, 2021 /

Offering depression counseling over the years, I have noted that depression comes in many forms. You might naturally feel down or depressed because you lost a relationship or you might experience a diagnosable major depressive episode. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (2017) about 7% of all adults experienced the latter in a…

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Pornography Counseling: Find Recovery and Healing

By Utah Therapy / August 17, 2021 /

Most of you who use pornography struggle to feel emotions. After years as a marriage and family therapist and doing pornography counseling, I have noticed that it is not that you cannot or do not feel your emotions. Rather, it’s that they can be overwhelming, confusing and difficult for you. So, you avoid them by…

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How To Communicate Better Through Boundaries

By Utah Therapy / August 13, 2021 /

Want to learn how to communicate better? One of the most common relationship problems is setting boundaries incorrectly. Lets talk about how setting boundaries appropriately helps you communicate well. Setting appropriate boundaries can be tricky and seems counterintuitive. Most people want to set boundaries with their partner because they, personally, are feeling uncomfortable in some…

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Counseling for Anxiety

By Utah Therapy / August 10, 2021 /

As a therapist offering counseling for anxiety, I have learned that clients use the term ‘anxiety’ as a catch-all for many different emotions. At least this is how many people use it. Being able to recognize your emotions is one key to mental and emotional health.  As I do counseling for anxiety, I notice that…

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How Couples Therapy Can Help

By Lauren Adkins / August 8, 2021 /

One of the most basic needs you have as a person is attachment – this is something that Couples Counseling can help with. We are not built to be alone. However, many of our reflexes are to protect and take care of just ourselves. Figuring out how to balance the tendency to take care of…

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Counseling – A Secret To Making It Work

By Lauren Adkins / August 8, 2021 /

Events or circumstances beyond your control have an important impact on changing – going to counseling can help. You and your spouse could come into therapy looking for help and expecting that therapy itself will create that change. Did you know that therapy researchers reference events and circumstances outside of counseling as a major contributor…

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How to Communicate With Your Spouse

By Lauren Adkins / August 8, 2021 /

As a couple, you need a way to communicate with your spouse when you are feeling pain or discomfort. When you are hurting it can often come across through anger or frustration – which usually leads to fights and problems. You might try to tell your partner what to do in order to themselves feel…

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