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Marriage Therapy For Infidelity

By Utah Therapy / December 2, 2021 /

Marriage therapy for infidelity can be a painful and healing experience. Over the years of offering marriage counseling as a marriage and family therapist in Utah, I have learned from couples in this situation. Let me share with you what I have learned from the ones who made it and the ones who didn’t make…

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Emotional Intimacy – What Is It And How To Get It

By Utah Therapy / November 29, 2021 /

Emotional intimacy is something most couples want. But what is it and how do you get it? It isn’t as mysterious as you think, but it isn’t as easy as you think as well. Emotional intimacy is developed when both partners make it emotionally safe for each other and share themselves in a vulnerable way.…

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Couples Counseling in Orem Utah

By Utah Therapy / November 25, 2021 /

Couples counseling in Orem Utah can help improve your relationship. Couples counseling is a place where you can learn to share what you are experiencing with your partner. It is also a place where you learn to hear your partner. It’s important to create this mutual understanding of each other so that you can grow…

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How To Communicate Effectively: Avoid These Two Communication Problems In Marriage

By Utah Therapy / November 18, 2021 /

If you want to learn how to communicate efficiently, avoid these two communication problems. They lead to marriage problems pretty fast. The first is trying to be the boss of your spouse and the second is trying to be the expert (Related Article: How To Communicate Better Through Boundaries).    Communicate Effectively – Don’t Be…

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Child Therapy

By Utah Therapy / November 15, 2021 /

Child therapy is helpful for many issues your young children face. Children might need help with anxiety, depression or behavior problems. They might also struggle with ADHD or other developmental problems. A good therapist doing child therapy will help you understand your child’s developmental position.. They will also help you be a part of the…

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How Couples Therapy Works

By Utah Therapy / November 13, 2021 /

Couples therapy isn’t something new. It isn’t a mystery. We know how and why it works for most couples who participate. As a marriage and family therapist in Utah for almost two decades, this is what I have found about how couples therapy works.      Couples Therapy Is Attachment Based   First, couples therapy…

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Create Emotional Safety Through Fixing Marriage Problems

By Utah Therapy / November 12, 2021 /

If you create emotional safety in your marriage it is one of the best things you can do to make your it last. Let’s talk about what emotional safety is and why it matters. You can create emotional safety with your spouse if you approach it right. There is a myth that if you have…

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Marriage Counseling In South Jordan

By Utah Therapy / November 11, 2021 /

Looking for marriage counseling in South Jordan? We opened a new counseling center in your neighborhood. We offer marriage counseling, individual therapy, family therapy and child therapy.    As marriage therapists, we know how to help you and your spouse overcome difficulty, increase emotional intimacy and work through marriage problems. Four common types of marriage…

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How To Communicate Effectively In A Relationship – Couples Counseling

By Utah Therapy / November 9, 2021 /

Learning how to communicate effectively in a relationship isn’t something you are taught in school. Although, it impacts most of your life and relationships. No, we are taught how to become engineers, doctors, teachers – all kinds of workers. But, we are not taught how to communicate with each other.    Even though communication in…

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Relationship Counseling – What To Know Before You Go

By Utah Therapy / November 8, 2021 /

Relationship counseling can help you have a stronger marriage and work through marriage problems. We have been providing couples counseling in Utah County and Salt Lake County for years. Let me share what we have learned about what you need to know before you go into relationship counseling for those pesky marriage issues.    Marriage…

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