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Why Choose Family Therapy?

Why Choose Family Therapy?

Remember that time the fancy car drove past you on the highway? You know, the shiny new sports car with the dealership plates still on. That brand-new, ultra-sleek vehicle glided on the asphalt as if hovering just above the ground. You could hear the engine purring like the well-oiled machine it was. You might have been awed by the nice car when, all of a sudden, you looked at your car. Maybe it had an oil leak and a crack in the windshield. Sure it got you from point “A” to point “B” but it also had many flaws that were more noticeable after seeing the sports car.

When it comes to families, most of us are probably closer to the flawed but drivable car than the sports car. Ifamily therapyn fact, the perfect “sports car family” probably does not even exist! Families do not need to be perfect to drive well but they, like cars, simply need maintenance from time to time. Even a small repair can help prevent further issues down the road (pun intended). Today, you will learn a few reasons why you might want to consider family therapy.

Reason 1: You Are a Product of Your Family

Remember that one thing your parents used to say that drove you up a wall? Maybe they said something like, “Remember that your actions have consequences!” or “Make smart choices!” Whatever it was that got on your nerves, did you ever tell yourself that you would never say that to your kids? Did you ever find yourself still saying those same things to your kids anyway? 

It is normal to somewhat end up similar to our parents (Source). Many families have certain standards or traditions that carry on to the next line of children. Whether for good or bad, there is no denying, families play a crucial role in development and future behavior. Family therapy provides a helpful space where the positives can be recognized and the negatives can be addressed.

Reason 2: Families Can Provide Massive Support

A supportive family environment is the top protecting factor against a wide variety of mental illnesses and delinquent behaviorfamily therapy (Source). While friends, school, work, dating, social media, etc. can all be stressful areas of a child’s life, having a supportive home environment can alleviate much of that stress. Sometimes parents don’t know how to talk to their struggling teenager or child which can be difficult. Family therapy can help provide a space where both parent and child feel safe to talk about and support each other. Family therapy can help create the supportive and rejuvenating environment you want for your children.

Reason 3: Family Therapy Will Help Future Generations

Remember earlier when we talked about passing on traditions and standards to future children? This is the part of family therapy that often goes unrecognized. Family traditions and experiences get passed down through family generations. Can you think about a grandparent or parent who set a positive example for you? Think of the impact this person had on your life and how that has influenced you for good. The same can be said about negative examples too. If there are positive traditions you would like to pass down or negative ones you would like to end, what better place to address these than in family therapy? 

Final Considerations

When considering if you should participate in family therapy, just ask yourself, “Is  there an area on our family ‘vehicle’ that could use some maintenance?” If the answer is yes or even maybe, then family therapy might be the right fit. (Related article: How Parents are Involved in Family Therapy). Every car needs maintenance at some point and you may even find that the end result is a complete upgrade from what was there before. Regardless, the impact of family therapy could have a longer and farther-reaching impact than individual therapy alone. The real question here is, “Why not choose family therapy?”

How to Start Family Therapy

Wondering where to begin? We are here to help. Begin family therapy in Orem, South Jordan, or Spanish Fork, Utah.

Written by Ryan Anstead, LAMFT


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