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Utah Parenting: Mental Health Mission Prep

Tips for Utah Parents: How to Help Your Child Prepare Their Mental Health for an LDS Mission

Here in Utah, you might share a common parenting concern; how can you help your child prepare emotionally for their LDS mission?

LDS Missionaries face unique challenges that can test their mental health and emotional resilience. Is there a way to help your children through this experience? How can you help them prepare to have a happy, healthy mission experience?

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Source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Today, you will learn about three common struggles your child will face as a missionary. You will also learn how Utah counseling can give you the parenting guidance you need. (Related article: Parenting Tips- Counseling).

The Three R’s

Your child will face many difficult experiences as a missionary that will challenge them to grown and learn. And while their experience will be unique, your child and other missionaries have some general challenges that they will probably share. 

You can expect your child to face the three R’s as a missionary: routine, restrictions, and rejection. (Source) Let’s talk about these three R’s in detail and learn about ways that you can help your missionary thrive in the field. 


One of the first struggles your child will face as a missionary is a major change in their routine. Your child is probably used to some level of freedom and flexibility each day. As a missionary, the schedule they are used to will change drastically, especially in the MTC. If they are not used to the rigor and stress of long, structured days, adjusting to their new normal may be a real challenge. And that challenge can put a strain on their mental health. 

What can you do to help support and prepare them for this change? One good way to help is to work with your child to maintain a routine before they leave for their mission. Encourage them to get up early and go to bed early. Help them find things to keep them busy as they prepare to leave. (Related article: Parenting- Maybe There’s Another Way). At home, you have the opportunity to slowly work up to the structure they will experience in the mission field.

utah parenting

Source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


The change in your child’s routines as a missionary will also bring more restrictions. Your child may not be accustomed to the lifestyle that is outlined in the missionary handbook rules. Many activities that would be normal and acceptable for your child outside of the mission field may not be appropriate when they are a missionary. And that adjustment may be jarring for your child as they begin their mission.

But what can you do to help your child prepare for the restrictions of mission life? You won’t be able to completely prepare for the unique adjustment to their mission, but being willing to talk about mission rules and lifestyle can make a big difference in the adjustment process. 

Invite your child to review mission rules and guidelines with you. Be open minded and make an effort to listen and support them in their concerns. You may also find that inviting your child to practice the mission rules ahead of time can help them feel less nervous about the adjustment to mission life.


By now, you have probably heard many stories about the rejection your friends and family members have faced on their missions. For many missionaries rejection becomes a common part of their daily routine, whether from investigators, fellow missionaries, or mission leaders.

A great way to help your child prepare for potential rejection as a missionary is to help them practice and develop good communication skills and emotional regulation. Counseling can be a great tool to help both you and your child prepare for this exciting change in your lives. (Related article: Parenting- How to Help Your Child Process Big Feelings).

Utah Parenting Counseling: Another Kind of Mission Prep

As you prepare to effectively parent your child on their mission, Utah therapists are uniquely qualified to help you navigate this period. Our therapists have the cultural awareness and professional education needed to guide you and support you as you and your child prepare for their mission. 

Ready to get started? Get Utah parenting help in Orem, South Jordan, or Spanish Fork counseling.

Written By Lauren Adkins

Lauren Adkins

Writer for the Center for Couples and Families


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