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Debunking Utah Therapy Myths: “Therapy Isn’t About Problem Solving”

Debunking Utah Therapy Myths: “Therapy Isn’t About Problem Solving”/”Therapy is Just for Venting”

Over the years that I have worked in a Utah therapy office, I have talked to many prospective clients just like you. If you are new to therapy, you might have some ideas (and possibly misconceptions) about what therapy is, how it works, and what therapy can do for you. utah therapy

One very common idea I have run across is that therapy is a place where you only vent your frustrations and cry about it. Some believe that counseling isn’t a place for problem solving. So, what is therapy all about anyway? Is it true that therapy is just a place where you lay on a couch and cry, like in the movies? And what is therapy for anyway? (Related article: What Happens In Counseling?)

Today, you will learn more about some of the potential purposes for therapy. You will read about why therapy can be a great problem-solving environment. And then you will learn why therapy can help you, too. 

Ideas About Therapy

When you read the word “therapy”, what comes to mind first? Your answer to that question might be something like “it’s complicated”. And that’s okay! Your ideas about therapy as a brand new incoming client at our office will be informed by lots of different sources. Different movies, tv shows, and books with therapist characters might come to mind- for better or worse. Maybe your friend or family member has told you about their experiences with therapy. Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what to expect at all! (Related article: Three Principles of Emotional Health)

All of these sources of information can be helpful and can motivate you to pursue therapy. But sometimes these ideas can also be inaccurate. And that makes the idea of going to therapy scarier than it should be. utah therapy

The Truth About Therapy

So, what is therapy? What can you actually expect in your appointment? And how is this supposed to help you anyway? 

You might have heard or believe that therapy is just a big “crying appointment”. And, to be fair, that is partially true. Depending on your reasons for coming in to see a therapist, you might have to confront topics that are sensitive or difficult to talk about. It’s not unusual for clients to experience emotion in therapy. After all, that’s why you are there. (Related article: Learning How to Cope in Individual Therapy).

  However, therapy is not just about discussing your difficult experiences and getting them off your chest. While that is an important part of the therapeutic process, you are also in therapy to seek support and guidance. And a therapist will do that, too! (Related article: About Marriage and Family Therapists)

In therapy, you will work with your therapist to set goals. Your therapist will adapt their treatment process to suit those goals and your needs. Believe it or not, the goal is not to have you in therapy forever. Ideally, you will work with your therapist to process and understand your struggles. Then, you will work to find practical solutions that you can utilize for your future challenges, too. 

Therapy Is a Problem-Solving Opportunity

If you are struggling with something big, or even if something just doesn’t feel quite right, therapy can help. In counseling, your therapist can help you be hear and understood. Then, they can help you create solutions that last. Start therapy in Orem, South Jordan, or Spanish Fork, Utah. 

Written by Lauren Adkins

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