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PTSD And Trauma Counseling

trauma counselingTrauma counseling isn’t easy, but can be worth it. For trauma survivors, some therapists utilize the systemic approaches of internal family systems (IFS) and emotion-focused therapy (EFT). These approaches focus on strengthening attachment that exists both outside and inside of the self. Others also use play therapy when treating children and young adolescents who have experienced trauma.

Trauma’s Impact

Trauma often seems like such a broad term because of the wide array of situations that it can include. Traumatic events may be physical, sexual, emotional, or life-threatening in nature. They also include experiences that are both direct and indirect, such as witnessing loss, injury, or more in the lives of others. Whatever your experience may be, my focus for treatment in therapy will always be to create an environment of safety, trust, and compassion in order to empower your ability to be vulnerable and find refuge from the challenges that prevent happiness and security in your everyday life.

Trauma Treatment

Research shows that play therapy increases the level of comfort and safety in the therapeutic environment and teaches children effective ways to manage their emotions and direct the energy behind those emotions in appropriate, safe ways. Additionally, play therapy empowers children and families to engage with one another through fun and compassion.

Within every person exists multiple parts and pieces that make up the concept of the “self” (adopted from the IFS model). These parts are created and developed based upon the personal experience and context of your life. Some parts may appear to be more attractive or “better”, while others may inspire shame and hurt. However, the beauty of the therapeutic process comes through the knowledge that no part is “good” or “bad”. Instead, each part is necessary for your growth and survival through the trauma that affects you. In this process, a therapist will work with you to find peace and closure with your parts that contribute to the cycle of shame, pain, or sadness.

Whatever your story may be, you can find hope for a brighter, happier tomorrow. One filled with support and love.

At the Center for Couples and Families, we offer trauma counseling for individuals. Whether you have experienced big or small trauma in your life, therapy can help. Schedule an appointment with a caring, competent therapist in South Jordan, American Fork, Spanish Fork or Orem.

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