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Child Therapy

child therapy, counselingChild therapy is helpful for many issues your young children face. Children might need help with anxiety, depression or behavior problems. They might also struggle with ADHD or other developmental problems. A good therapist doing child therapy will help you understand your child’s developmental position.. They will also help you be a part of the solution as you try to get help for your son or daughter. 


Let’s talk about a few considerations as you think about taking your child to therapy. 


Children Display Depression Differently Than Adults


First, let’s speak specifically about depression in children. Know that children show depression differently than adults do. They often don’t know that they are sad – or at least how to show it. Subsequently, they act out through behavioral issues, rather than acting in through depression. This is important to know because when your child is acting out, you could see it differently. If you see it as sadness rather than disrespect or defiance, you will handle it differently. You approach your child differently if you see them as sad versus if  you see them as angry. It’s good, the, to know that this might be the case and investigate. Because, they aren’t savvy enough to say to you, “Sorry mom and dad, I’m acting out because inside I am actually sad”. But, you will know that this might be the case. So put it on yoru parent radar. 


If you notice this in your child, then consider asking the following question. “Are you sad or down today?” You might need to model for them how to talk about being sad. You could say, “I imagine you are feeling sad that your friend called you a name today.” This helps them put a name to something that they might not be aware enough to talk about themselves. 


Partners Are Part Of The Solution


If you are hoping to drop off your child at the therapist’s office and run, think again. Know that you might be asked to stay. A therapist who understands the systemic nature of problems will ask you to participate. They understand that any change they hope a child will make will have a better chance of lasting with parents involved. One thing to remember as well is that you aren’t being blamed. A good therapist isn’t looking to villainize a child’s parents. They will be looking to build on your relationship. They are looking for solutions, not bad guys. 

If your child is sad, then you can be a big part of helping them. Without your support and help, change in therapy might not last.


As marriage and family therapists, we offer child therapy. We often include parents and others in the family as part of the solution. 


Schedule a child therapy session in South Jordan, Orem, Spanish Fork and American Fork. 


Written by Triston Morgan PhD

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