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Utah Telehealth Example

Utah telehealth is a great way to do counseling or therapy online. You can do telehealth for marriage problems, depression, anxiety, or many other issues. After providing counseling online, I have an example I’d like to share. I have changed the names of the client and identifying information to protect the confidentiality of these clients. 


Telehealth Example: Jake And Alison


I first met Jake and Alison when they called in for help with their marriage. They lived in a rural town, too far away from the clinic to come in for regular visits. So, we decided to do telehealth sessions. It would have been too hard for them to drive 2 hours each way just to do one hour of therapy. 


At first it was a bit difficult to get the rhythm of doing an online session. It’s different than in person, and takes a little getting used to. I gave them some pointers on how to make the most out of it (Related Article: Telehealth In Utah). They gradually started to work through their marriage problems. I used an approach common for couples therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy (Related Article: Couples Therapy). 


They found success applying principles they learned through connecting and communicating with each other. Since they were doing telehealth instead of in person, they had to make sure they treated these sessions like they were in person. However, after some time, they started regressing when Jake disclosed that he had been using pornography. We started treating this issue as well as working on their relationship (Related Articles: Pornography Counseling – Common Issues and Pornography Counseling: Find Recovery And Healing). The fact that we were doing telehealth sessions didn’t slow them down, however. It actually made it easier. We were able to find times in the evenings, after work, to do couples therapy and times during the day to do individual sessions for Jake. Because they didn’t have to drive into the clinic it was easier to schedule. 

Telehealth Take Away

You will notice that all of what we did in therapy could either be done in person or online. A good telehealth counselor knows how to adjust their approach to sessions online. It takes a slightly different skill set, but still requires an ability to deliver good treatment. 


Schedule a Utah telehealth counseling session today. We are experienced in helping clients online. 

Written by Triston Morgan, PhD, Utah Marriage and Family Therapist


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